Jordan Tours and Travel With Xplore Jordan

Jul 09, 2023Janty Mohammed

Jordan Tours and Travel With Xplore Jordan. 

Jordan Tours and Travel, is a service we offer to all travellers arriving into Jordan or local to Jordan. 

Xplore Jordan is a local Amman based luxury Travel and Tour company here is to make sure your tours and travel arrangements in Jordan and nothing short of 5 Stars. 

 Xplore Jordan Tours and Travel are experts when it comes to travel in Jordan. 

Our tours of Jordan are exclusive to Xplore Jordan with tours and accommodation sold in one go making it easier and seamless for you to book a holiday in Jordan. 

Our Jordan Travel and Tour packages range from 2 to 20 days our Travel Packages are inclusive of the finest hotel selections in Jordan, from Sheraton in Amman to the famous Kempinski hotel in the Dead Sea. 

Our Jordan Travel Agency is Local and full with team who love Jordan so much they can’t wait to show it to you. 

Top 5 Tours of Jordan hand selected by the Xplore Jordan Team, 

1. Dead Sea Jordan accomodation and tours. 

Stay in the finest hotel in the Dead Sea, Treat yourself to the best Dead Sea mud baths, along side Dead Sea rejuvenation and soul rejuvenation, exceptional views and food nothing can best the Xplore Jordan Kempinski Hotel plan! 

Why book through Explore Jordan Tours? 

Explore Jordan Tours, has a collective experience of over 25 years & thousands of packaged and custom tours in Jordan we are a humble family company that act in the best interest of you the user! 

We have a strong belief in tourism being the backbone of society and global culture bridging the gap between the modern explorers world and the ancient Tour Sites that lay across the Jordan landscape. 

Tourism has opened Jordan up to the world and helped our community thrive with diversity and understanding the backgrounds of our visitors. 

Explore Jordan Tours would love it clear that we respect the 1st people and the native community of the land of Jordan & its Royal Ruling. 






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