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The Latest Travel Tips For Jordan Winter By Wander Travel Jordan

Oct 26, 2023Janty Mohammed

Travel Agent in Jordan


Thinking of Visiting Jordan? 


Jordan is one of those OMG places with maybe one could say about a 100 years of travel worthy scenes BUT our agency understand sometimes all you can is just those 5 days. 


Let me take you on a road that will help you concede with what it is you probably will need to do the most!!! 

Destination Of Jordan That Tipped the Travel Scale in 2024! 

Holly Tours of Madaba & Mt Nebo

Yes thats right the Holly Sacred Sites of Madaba & Mt Nebo came in #1 on on the list this summer, with a somewhat weird world over the last few years and a rise in spirituality & faith that fuels history in its richest form! the sites of Madaba & Mt Nebo have never been busier we recorded a WHOPPING 960,000 Tourists to these sites this summer alone. 

Holly Tours are not just for the Holly if you get me! 

They are for anyone craving a spiritual visual connection from the west to the east! 

The fill a avoid in moments of confusion and help you continue on with your inner narrative. 


It should be no surprise that Petra came #2 on the list this year, with JAW DROPPING scenery & a kind of 100BC vibe this magical glowing place is always and has always been a Jordan Tour Operator number 1 type of place, their is not a single visitor that came to Jordan who didn't recognize Petra was just out of this world. 

If your looking for a comprehensive tour of Petra, book in a Wander Petra Tour today! secure your magical Petra moment. 


Number 3: The Dead Sea Jordan

Ok let me take this chance to call a spade a spade, The Jordan Dead Sea is non comparable to the other Dead Sea if you get the hint what we have on our side, is the Dead Sea & its History, we have a kind of Dead Sea lifestyle lived by the locals by over 500 years, the way of life down on this side of the sea is all about, 

Luxury Dead Sea accommodation

Mud Baths at the Dead Sea 

Ma'in Springs Tours 

Low Altitude Dead Sea Pure Relaxation 

The Best Buffet in the Middle East By The Kempinski Dead Sea Resport! 

If your looking for a total bliss of relaxation vibe book in a Wander Travel Jordan Exclusive Dead Sea Kempinski Resort Stay! 


Number 4:  Tours of Ajloun Jordan 

Ajloun is home to 2 million residents and with its recent tour upgrade it now specializes in the whole Ajloun Telefreq experience, and what a region to visit and view from the skies in the safety of Ammans latest Telefreq or also known as the Ajloun Cable Car, others may refer to it as the Jordan Cable Car. 

From only 7JOD you can really enjoy Ajloun at Scale! 

Book in you Ajloun Tour Experience today! 



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