Winter in Jordan: Essential Travel Tips from Wander Travel Jordan

Oct 26, 2023Janty Mohammed

Thinking of Visiting Jordan?

Jordan is one of those "OMG" places with centuries of travel-worthy scenes. But we understand that sometimes all you have is just those 5 days. Let us guide you on a journey that maximizes your time and experiences!

Destination of Jordan That Tipped the Travel Scale in 2024!

1. Holy Tours of Madaba & Mt. Nebo Yes, that's right! The sacred sites of Madaba and Mt. Nebo ranked #1 this summer. With a world craving more spirituality and rich historical connections, these sites have been bustling, drawing an impressive 960,000 tourists this season alone. Holy Tours aren't just for the devout—they're for anyone seeking a spiritual and visual connection, offering solace and continuity for your inner journey.

2. Petra It's no surprise that Petra claimed the #2 spot this year. With jaw-dropping scenery and an enchanting 100BC vibe, this magical place is a perennial favorite among travelers to Jordan. Every visitor recognizes Petra as truly out of this world. Looking for a comprehensive tour? Book a "Wander Petra Tour" today and secure your magical Petra moment.

3. The Dead Sea, Jordan Let's be clear—Jordan's Dead Sea is incomparable. Our side boasts over 500 years of local lifestyle deeply intertwined with the Dead Sea’s history. Highlights include:

  • Luxury accommodation at the Dead Sea Kempinski Resort
  • Therapeutic mud baths
  • Ma'in Springs Tours
  • Low altitude relaxation for the ultimate rest
  • The best buffet in the Middle East at the Kempinski Dead Sea Resort

For total relaxation, book your exclusive stay at the Wander Travel Jordan Dead Sea Kempinski Resort!

4. Tours of Ajloun, Jordan Home to 2 million residents, Ajloun has recently upgraded its tour experience, specializing in the Ajloun Telefreq experience. View this stunning region from the skies in the safety of the latest Ajloun Cable Car. From only 7 JOD, you can enjoy Ajloun on a grand scale! Book your Ajloun Tour Experience today!

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