Explore the Best of Wadi Rum: Top Luxury Camps and Hotels for 2024

Jul 18, 2023Janty Mohammed

Discover Wander Jordan’s top two luxury accommodations in Wadi Rum for a truly otherworldly stay. Whether you're gazing at the stars or basking in the desert sunrise, our curated packages ensure a memorable escape.

Package Options:

Package 1: Wadi Rum Luxury Camp Experience
Package 2: Wadi Rum Luxury Tent Adventure

Xplore Wadi Rum:

Known as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum offers landscapes so Martian, it feels like stepping off Earth. With a history rich in diverse cultures, from Nabataeans to Bedouins, Wadi Rum has always been a place of exploration and wonder.

Luxury Camp Wadi Rum, Jordan:

Opt for an upscale tenting experience. Our luxury camps, such as the Bubble Luxotel, offer clear-roofed bubble tents that allow you to sleep under the stars in comfort. Enjoy premium bedding, private bathrooms, and exquisite meals served amidst the desert's grandeur. Don't miss the Wadi Rum stargazing tour—an unforgettable night under the cosmos.

Wadi Rum UFO Luxury Tent or Glamping:

Experience the pinnacle of desert luxury at the Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel. Each private bubble room features a bathroom, seating area, and terrace for uninterrupted desert views. High-end amenities include air conditioning and plush interiors that rival urban five-star hotels. The dedicated staff are on hand to serve gourmet meals and organize tailored desert tours during your stay.

Elevate your Jordan journey with Xplore Wadi Rum’s luxury accommodations. Book now to secure your adventure in one of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet.

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