Top 25 Must-Visit Places in Jordan for 2023: Explore the Holy Land with Jordan Tours

Jul 13, 2023Janty Mohammed

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive list of religious tour sites in Jordan for 2023.

Over 25 years, our Tours for the Faithful in Jordan have been perfected. Operating daily tours to all religious sites from Amman, our packages include hotel stays, airport transfers, and guided tour guides if required.

Featured Tours:

Madaba Mount Nebo and Jebel Musa

Madaba Tours: Known as “The City of Mosaics,” Madaba features prominently in the Old Testament. From the 4th to the 7th centuries AD, Madaba was a thriving ecclesiastical center known for its spectacular Byzantine mosaics. The chief attraction in this city is the sixth-century Byzantine mosaic map preserved in St. George Church, depicting Egypt, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land.

Mount Nebo Tours: Visit the memorial of Moses at the presumed site of his death and burial. From the platform in front of the early Christian church, view the vast panorama that Moses saw—the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho, and Jerusalem.

Mukawer (Machaerus): This hilltop fortified palace is where Herod Antipas imprisoned and beheaded John the Baptist after Salome’s fateful dance.

The Kings Highway Tours: Travel the world’s oldest continuously used communication route. This path has biblical significance and was traversed by figures such as Abraham and Moses.

Anjara Tours or Umm Ar-Rasas Tours:

  • Anjara: Near Ajloun, visit the modern sanctuary of Our Lady of the Mountain Church, a site believed to have been visited by Jesus and Mary during their travels.
  • Umm Ar-Rasas: Known for some of the finest Byzantine church mosaics, including a large depiction of Old and New Testament cities.

Other Frequently Visited Religious Site Tours in Jordan:

  • Jabal Haroun Tour Jordan: Visit the tomb of Prophet Haroun (Aaron) located in Petra atop Jebel Haroun.
  • Shrine of Prophet Suleiman Tour: Daily tours from Amman are available to explore the town of Sarfah near Kerak.
  • Shrine of Yusha Tour: Visit the site dedicated to Yusha, the great-grandson of Prophet Yusuf and successor to Moses.
  • Shrine of Prophet Shu’ayb Tour: Located near El Salt city, visit the tomb of Shu’ayb, a descendent of the prophet Abraham.
  • Shrine of Prophet Ayyub (Job), Prophet Dawud (David), and others are also accessible through our detailed tour packages.

Special Features:

  • The Museum of the Prophet Muhammad in Jordan Tour: Located in Amman, this museum houses significant artifacts, including a hair from the Prophet Muhammad’s beard.
  • Cave of the Seven Sleepers Jordan Tour: Visit the cave where seven young Christian men and their dog famously slept for 309 years.
  • The Blessed Tree Jordan Tour: See the tree where the young Mohammad sought shelter during his travels.

More Tours Can Be Customized When Speaking to a Religious Tour or Holy Land Tour Consultant.

Jordan Holy Land Tours 2023

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