Holly Land Jordan Tours Jordan 25 Places to See and Book in Jordan 2023

Holly Land Jordan Tours Jordan 25 Places to See and Book in Jordan 2023

Jul 13, 2023Janty Mohammed

Xplore Jordan is a Holly Land Tour Company in Jordan

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive list of Religous Tour Sites in Jordan for 2023

Our Tours for Faithful in Jordan have been designed over 25 years, we operate daily tours to all religous sites in Jordan from Amman our packages include Hotel Stays, Airport Transfers and Guided Tour Guides if required. 



Madaba Tours

Madaba also known as “The City of Mosaics”, Madaba Tours

Madaba Holly Land Tours Jordan

repeatedly mentioned in the Old Testament. Then it was known as Medeba
and it featured in narratives related to Moses and the Exodus, David’s war
against the Moabites, Isaiah’s oracle against Moab and King Mesha of Moab’s
rebellion against Israel.Between the 4th and 7th centuries AD, the prosperous
ecclesiastical center of Madaba produced one of the world’s finest collections
of Byzantine mosaics, many fine examples of which are well preserved.
The chief attraction in this city is a wonderfully vivid, sixth century Byzantine
mosaic map showing Egypt, Jerusalem and the Holy Land, preserved in St.
George Church.

Mount Nebo Tours,

the memorial of Moses and the presumed site of the prophet’s
death and burial place.
From a platform in front of the church, built by the early Christians in 393 AD
to commemorate the site of Moses’ death, you can see, as Moses did, the vast
panorama that encompasses the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho and Jerusalem.

According to legend, this is also the place where Jeremiah hid the Ark of the
On March 19, 2000, Pope John Paul II visited the site during his pilgrimage to
the Holy Land (Mount Nebo being one of the most important Christian sites in
Jordan). During his visit he planted an olive tree beside the Byzantine chapel
as a symbol of peace


Mukawer (Machaerus). It was here, at this hilltop fortified palace, overlooking
the Dead Sea region and the distance hills of Palestine and Israel that Herod
Antipas, the son of Herod, imprisoned and beheaded John the Baptist after
Salome’s fateful dance.


The world’s oldest continuously used communication route which, in biblical
times, linked ancient Bashan, Gilead and Ammon in the north with Moab,
Edom, Paran and Midian in the south. Abraham, the common patriarch of Jews,
Christians and Muslims, who passed through northern, central and southern
Jordan, would certainly have used this route on his journey from Mesopotamia
to Canaan.
Another prophet, Moses, asked the King of Edom if he and his people could
“go along the Kings Highway” during their journey to Canaan, but his request
was refused


Anjara Tuors
Anjara is located near Ajloun, in the hidden hills of Gilead, at the modern sanctuary of Our Lady
of the Mountain Church - a rebuilt cave that is venerated as a place where Jesus
and his mother Mary passed during their journeys between the Sea of Galilee,
the Decapolis cities, Bethany beyond the Jordan and Jerusalem.

Anjara was designated by the Vatican as a Millenium 2000 pilgrimage site.
Excavations in Umm Ar-Rasas have uncovered some of the finest Byzantine
church mosaics, including a large carpet depicting Old and New Testament
cities on both the east and west banks of the Jordan River. Another feature
at Umm Ar-Rasas walled settlement is a 15m Byzantine tower used by early
Christian monks seeking solitude

Other Frequently Visited Religous Site Tours in Jordan

Jabal Haroun Tour Jordan

The Prophet Haroun (Aaron), the brother of the prophet Moses, he shared Moses his mission to pharaoh
in Egypt when Moses was a messenger. His tomb was built by the Mamluk Sultan Al Nasir Mohammad to
commemorate his death.
His Tomb is located in Petra On top of Jebel Haroun inside a small mosque.
When Dawud died Suleiman became prophet and king at the age of thirteen. Mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in
16 versus, god gave him great powers over all creation, including the jinnis and understanding the language
of birds and other animals.

Shrine of Prophet Suleiman Tour (Solomon)

Solomon Shrine is located at the town of Sarfah near Kerak and can be toured daily from Amman with a private tour guide and luxury class vehicle from 125 JOD.

Shrine of Yusha Tour (Yosha)

Yosha was the great grandson of Prophet Yusuf and the maternal nephew of Moses, was mentioned two
twice in the Holy Qur’an as the apprentice of Moses and became his successor. Moses appointed him his
deputy and went up to mount Nebo before he died, Shrine of Yusha Tour can be toured daily from Amman with a private tour guide and luxury class vehicle from 125 JOD.

Shrine of Prophet Shu’ayb Tour (Shoaib)

The Tomb - Shrine of Prophet Joshua is located within a mosque west of Al Salt city.
Arabian prophets and a descendent of the prophet Abraham, and the father in law of Moses , mentioned in
the Qur’an by name a total of 11 times. He used to live in area of Ma’in near Madaba, Shu’ayb was also said to
be the only prophet known to be blind.
His Tomb - Shrine is located near El Salt city at the Valley called Wadi Shoayb.

Shrine of Prophet Ayyub Tour (Job)

Descendant of A’mis, the third son of Ishaq (Isaac), who is mentioned in the Holy Quran four times for his
patience and faith in God which gave him the strengt to survive the many disasters that struck his life.
Shrine in an area known as Khirbet Ayyoub Southwest of Salt.

Shrine of Prophet Dawud Tour (David)

David was an important figure in Islam because he was one of the few apostles to whom heavenly scriptures
were revealed, the Zabur, the book of David, a holy book before the Holy Quran, referred to in the Qur’an as
one of God’s books.
His Shrine is located at the town of Northern Mazar near Irbid.

Shrine of Prophet Huod Tour (Hud)

Was descended from the prophet Noah, an ancient Arab prophet, was sent to the tribe of A’ad because they
abandoned the worship of Allah in favor of idols. His story is mentioned in the holy Qur’an by name.
His Shrine is located near Jerash inside a Cave.

Shrine of Prophet NUH Tour (NOAH)

You can visit Prophet Nuh’s (Noah) shrine in Karak, and his tomb lies close to the city. God sent Noah to his
people to warn them of divine punishment if they continued to worship idols, and to build a mighty ark that
would withstand the floods to come.

Shrine of Al Khidr Tour - Saint George Tours in Jordan

Was a descendant from the progeny of Haroun, a popular saint and not a prophet, was mentioned in the Holy
Qur’an but not by name. he is the immortal figure whom Prophet Moses encountered according to the story
with Prophet Moses, has so many shrines in Jordan but no tomb. Shrines for Al-Khadir at the town of Bayt Ras in
Irbid, Kerak, Ajlun and a sanctuary is located at Mahis.

Shrine of Prophet Seeth Tour (Seth)

He was the son that Allah had promised to Zakariya in his old age. Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) baptized
Prophet Jesus Christ at Bethany and often accompanied him and later he became a prophet and an apostle. His
body remained at Mukawir.

Shrine of Prophet Lot Tour ( Lut)

Lot was the nephew of Abraham, and he came from Iraq and was living at area south of the Dead Sea. He flee and
lived with his two daughters in this cave after the destruction of his villages, some traditions refer to this cave as
the burial place of Lot.

Shrine of Prophet Gadur Tour ( Gad)

Gadur was the brother of Prophet Yusuf , and son of Prophet Yacoub[ Jacob ] .
His Shrine and mosque were rebuilt in 1958 in Al –Salt City at Gador Hill .
Asher was the brother of Prophet Yusuf , and son of Prophet Yacoub [ Jacob ] .
Mosque and Sanctuary are in Al –Salt City close to Hazir Springs .

The Museum of the Prophet Muhammad in Jordan Tour

Was an Arab–Byzantine battle fought between the Rashidun army under Khalid ibn
al-Walid Saifullah (meaning: The Sword of Allah) and the Roman Empire under Theodore the Sacellarius(Saqalar), in Fahl
(ancient Pella along the Jordan Valley of Jordan) in January 635 AD (13 AH). The result was a clear victory for Khalid ibn al-Walid.
The Prophet Muhammad Museum is a museum about Prophet Muhammad in Amman, The museum was opened on 15 May 2012 at
the King Hussein Mosque in Al Hussein Public Parks in Amman, with King Abdullah II of Jordan officiating.
The museum includes Muhammad’s belongings, including a single hair from his beard and his letter to the emperor of Byzantium, in
which he urged him to convert to Islam. It also includes a sapling of the tree under which Muhammad rested on his way to the Levant
for trade in the pre-Islam era. The tree is located in the badia region.

Cave of the Seven Sleepers Jordan Tour

The story of seven young Christian men with a dog took refuge inside the cave, and that slept for 309 years. After 400 years
after Jesus time, the story is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in Surat Al-Kahf. A place of worship was built by the Romans on
this site which was converted into a mosque at the time of Abdul Malik Bin Marwan.

The Blessed Tree Jordan Tour

A tree near Safawi where the young Mohammad took shelter
underneath, while travelling with his uncle, Abu Talib, on his journey via the trade route from Hijaz to Syria there he met
the monk (Bahira), first holy man to identify Mohammad (SAW) as a prophet.
The tree is located close to Safawi near Wadi Sarhan

Humayma Tour Jordan

The first civilization at Humayma was the Nabataeans of Petra ,It’s a small caravan town on the caravan route, A few
civilizations have also left ruins in the area including Romans from the early second century AD, Byzantine Churches from
the fifth and sixth centuries. However Humaymeh was the base of the Abbasid, due to its strategic location, situated on the
caravan and pilgrim routes, on the main route from Petra to Ayla on the Gulf of Aqaba. Around 700 AD, The Abbasid family,
purchased the village of Humayma, and used it as their base to overthrow the Umayyad caliphate rule and from this site
they launched their takeover of the Muslim Empire.
Humayma is located 55 km to the north of Aqaba, 45 km to the south of Petra.

Jabal Al-Tahkim Tour Jordan

This is the mountain where Ali Bin Abi Talib and Muawiyyah to solve the conflict over the right to the
Caliphate and succession to the prophet Muhammad. When Ali Bin Abi Talib was not accepted, and after
the indecisive Battle of Siffin, the first Muslim civil war between him and Muawiya, both parties nominate
an arbitrator each to decide between Ali and Muawiya. Abu Musa al-Ashari and Amr bin al-A’as both
nominated as arbitrators to solve conflict.

Wadi Musa Moses’s spring Tour Jordan

The mountain is located Udruh between Ma’an and Shoubak.
It is said that the prophet Moses passed through the valley and struck water from the rock for his followers
at the site of Ain Musa (“Moses’s water spring” or “Moses’s Well”). The Nabateans built channels that carried
water from this spring to the city of Petra.

Mu’tah, (Battle field)

Located in Wadi Musa near Petra
In the town of Mu’tah, the Battle fought during Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) time. In 629 AD, the first and
most significant military engagement between the Arab Muslims and the Byzantine Empire which ended in
safe retreat of both sides, three Muslim leaders was martyred and their tombs are located in the area, first,
Zaid Ibn Haritha, then Jafar Ibn Abi Talib, and Abdullah ibn Rawahah. Mu’tah is located near Karak.

Yarmouk, (Battle field)

Al Husseini Mosque Jordan Tour
The King Abdullah I Mosque Tour Jordan


More Tours Can Be Customised When Speaking to a Religous Tour or Holly Land Tour Consultant.


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